The Chinese community needs to be managed, and many advertising messages influence the community image

The Chinese community needs to be managed, and many advertising messages influence the community image.

I’d be happy to do it


Some irrelevant ads need to be cleaned up to maintain our good image

A good experience affecting the community

I agree it’s starting to look messy. I’m currently having Peerchemist look into hiding threads from the latest posts list that are posted in the Altcoins and Advertisements boards. This way ads could still be posted, but they would be hidden from the latest post list on the front page.

I was also thinking about having him hide all the language boards from latest posts as well, but I’d rather not if possible. The problem is that it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t an ad when it’s posted in a different language, so moderation is more difficult.

I could promote a mod to the Chinese board like you say, but then I would have no mods for all the other language boards. Maybe we could just hide all of them except the Chinese board as long as you can keep up moderation on it. What do you think?

To be clear, hiding all threads in certain boards from latest posts would entail changing the user preferences of all members on the forum. Once changed, you would still be able to see these threads from hidden boards as long as you click on the board link directly from the front page.

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Like to see that.

Not so great,
Google translate is your friend.

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Yeah, that seems like a good solution. I was hesitant about doing that anyway, so I agree you’re right on this. In addition I can promote mods who know the language like diandianbi here.

No need to hide now, the problem is not very serious. I’m willing to take care of the China plate


Alright, @diandianbi you have been promoted moderator of the Chinese category. Please let me know if you have any questions on how to moderate using this forum software. There should be a wrench icon inside every thread that you can click on to bring up more options, including thread deletion. For starters, you can delete the threads in there that you believe are spam and have nothing to do with Peercoin.

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