The Bitcoin bubble "economist error" big opportunity for PPC

I lost much faith in this article when I read

Litecoin, for example, retains Bitcoin’s limited money supply but offers faster transactions [b]and tries to avoid energy-intensive mining.[/b]

This is completely wrong. LTC uses just as much power as BTC. Some one from here needs to contact the economist now an get them to change that to PPC.

Edit they still get it wrong

Peercoin has no money-supply limit and built-in inflation of 1%, though, as with Bitcoin

PeerCoin has a theoretical cap of 2 billion, but will never reach over 50 million coins, less that LTC, also the LTC does not aim to be energy effective…and peercoin should be mentioned as being energy effective

Everyone please reply to this article and ask the Economist to change Litecoin to Peercoin. We are the world leaders in energy-efficient cryptocurrency, and they need to know that. :slight_smile:

bump do this!

Want to see what the power of community can do? The Economist just corrected their article and added Peercoin!

“The Economist: You’re right; Litecoin is not more energy efficient but strives to reduce the benefits associated with specialised mining hardware (and seems not to have succeeded). This has now been corrected”

Great job! At least, we’re getting some exposure. People really need to see the upside of useful or sustainable mining.

Congrats! It’s really awesome that PPC gets the recognition it deserves!

Btw, not really sure where to suggest this, but I think that on top of adding the tutorial videos on’s homepage, it would be very good to add links (icons) pointing to this kind of articles from mainstream/trustable media.
I don’t know what the site’s traffic figures are, but I believe it would help making PPC sound a lot more legit from a bystander’s pov, seeing that even the Economist believes in it as a replacement coin for BTC.


excellent! the economist actually responded!