Hi - is there a way to get testnet working for PPCoin? I was trying earlier but I couldn’t get it to sync. I had a little look around the forum and it kind of looked like i might not be able to get it to work. Just wondering if it were possible or not?

Thanks for any help

I think (I may be wrong) that we need to fork PPCoin into a separate blockchain to make a PPCoin testnet.

The Bitcoin testnet is just a fork of the main blockchain for testing and development without risking breaking the main blockchain.

I haven’t done much PPCoin development yet, so someone else may have a better answer :slight_smile:

Ok cheers. I guess if i’m just testing on my own system i can just move the coins between accounts anyway without losing anything :slight_smile: I just made a site for bitcoin though and testnet was great with it.


I also couldn’t sync testnet.

Sunny king reported he had lost his node and blockchain for testnet and was asking if anyone else had a copy, there was no reply from community so testnet needs to be started again I believe

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To create your own testnet you just need 2 clients running in testnet mode connected to each other. I have the following lines in ppcoin.conf

addnode=IP_address_of_another_client _running_in_testnet_mode

With 2 computers running the client (a friend of mine has it working with vmware player).

I’m sure it would be possible to set the data path and ports to a different path and number and have 2 clients running on the same computer to spawn a testnet in a box. You don’t have to wait for Sunny to relaunch a testnet: anyone with a vps could provide the service.

Testnet seed is now operational again (at block #53735). If you have a relatively stable testnet node that accepts connection feel free to offer the ip address so I can add it to source code as a seed.