Team Update #43: Peercoin v0.9 (Codename Strider) Released - Hard Fork is June 8th, 2020 - Upgrade Today!

great work!

Hi mate I can’t believe that You are still here. I can see you really love peercoin but I have to say that peercoin really have let you down.

The only thing that lets me down are people who endlessly complain without putting in any effort. I’m here because I know Peercoin, both as a blockchain and a cryptocurrency, are superior to most of the garbage that is being pushed today. And we will keep improving this network and pushing it forward until it is recognized.


Actually, you haven’t been around in a while and probably haven’t seen this. Try checking out the 5 part intro series we recently produced with Chronos here…

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The network has now forked. If you experience any issues, please report them in this thread. If you have not upgraded to v0.9 yet, make sure you do so you are on the correct fork.

first block taking advantage of new pos rewards

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Whats the procedure for upgrading 0.7 on stakebox?

Upgrading from v0.7?


backup wallet.dat and read,39735.html

By far the easiest way to upgrade to Raspbian ‘Buster’ is todownload andflash it

and read

and place your wallet in .peercoin folder before starting up

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Is there some way I can just upgrade the peercoin client?

This seems like a longer path.

you can find stretch (de older os version) on github:

I 'd advise to keep os up to date though

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Is there a “stakebox” version of Buster somewhere?

If I download the OS from the Raspbian website don’t I miss out on some security protections?


I installed your stakebox image, however for some reason all the icons are broken/missing

In terms of security is it better to use strech stakebox or Buster generic non-stakebox

Always use latest software, in this case that is Buster.
Stakebox/non-stakebox is all the same.

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