Team Update #26: Peercoin v0.8~RC1 Released for Testing



Peercoin client v0.8.0~RC1 has been released for testing today. This next-generation client is based upon bitcoin-core 0.16.3 with several cherry-picks from bitcoin-core 0.17.1.

The new client is segwit-ready but segwit is not activated yet. For the moment the client implements v0.7 Peercoin protocol and is fully compatible with the testnet network.

Join us in testing efforts. The faster we iron out the bugs, the faster this will be launched on the mainnet.


Peercoin History Book 2012-2019
Peercoin History Book 2012-2019


This is a massive step in bringing Peercoin’s codebase back up to date with Bitcoin. Congrats to the team on the hard work they put in to get us here! :grinning:


Grrrreat, however,
the client creates P2SH-Segwit adresses as the default. Can we change it to create Legacy addresses as the default? The old addresses consume less disk space and can be used to sign messages.


0.8.0~RC2 is now available!