Taking Back The Alt-Coin Market

Hello! As a disclaimer I am not a crypto coin expert or anything of that sort I am just voicing my opinion about the recent market fluctuation of the Crypto-Giants (BTC, LTC, DRK, DOGE). As a unique crypto coin that uses prime numbers for its proof of work we have always been a shining example of what alt-coins can do. I consider XPM to be the only useful alt-coin because of its proof of work, as we search for prime numbers we help push forward mathematical resaerch instead of having a network doing pointless calculations that is more than 256 times more powerful than all of the worlds top supercomputers combined that does nothing but waste energy. Our price has dropped rather dramatically in the past months as our number of coins in circulation keeping the market cap rather stable relative to other coins but it has been slipping. My fear is that this beautiful gem of mathematical genius will disappear into obscurity.
As jooize said in their post concerning branding; “As with Peercoin, Sunny King has made sure the blockchain won’t inflate to a massive metaphorical ball and chain. We want to reach the moon, not be the moon. Primecoin has no cap, and is mathematically scarce. Can we translate what that means in practice for people using the currency?” I believe what jooize says is exactly what we need to show the crypto community.I believe right now with the price of prime coin at a low it has not seen since November 19th when its price was 0.00078173 BTC to quote Coinmarketcap.com, that we can show the world what Primecoin has to offer not only for the scientific community but for the world! There is no reason why we cannot seize this opportunity for success. In the words of jooize let us reach the moon!
Sorry if what I said is A: completely irrelevant and or dumb in any way, merely voicing an opinion here

Do you propose a course of action to do to achieve the goal?

I am interested - by the way, I am trying to revamp the marketing of primecoin

Do you not think that Namecoin’s intent is “useful”?