Survival of the fitest

I think during the next bear market we will see a lot of IPO/ICO coins die. This is because IPO/ICO coins are more like shares in a company rather than crypto coins. Once price tanks people holding these kind of coins will start to sell to cut their losses.

For coins like BTC/LTC/PPC this will not be the case because people do not buy with the expectation that the price will forever increase. This is the biggest advantage open source projects have over IPO/ICO coins in my opinion.

The coins left over after the purge will be the ones that will go mainstream. What do you think?

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All premined currencies (with ICO, without ICO) are scam !

In what way does that endanger the business scheme of a corporation?

BTC and LTC need a USD rate that is sufficient to pay for the mining to survive.
PPC is different from that in the way that PPC is secured by POS, which is largely independent from PPC USD rate.

So in your opinion Indicium is a scam?

In my eyes ICOs for blockchain hosted DACs make sense if the DAC has a business purpose, a way to generate revenue, etc.
It’s good to keep the awareness and alertness high. But calling all ICOs scam makes you miss some good opportunities of getting involved in modern, efficient, elegant corporations. Just find those and tell them apart from the real scams. That’s the challenge!

I am not shure how will be Indicium. But serious currency for me will be PPC.
Assets projects, free, or created on ICO soon will start to die.

Unless if they deliver real value and aren’t massively overvalued.

But indeed I don’t see any crypto project right now that is delivering real value and isn’t massively overvalued.
But that’s just my humble opinion.

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Facebook looked overpriced when the IPO was done.
Soon the rate was below IPO. And not long after that the rate was rising even before Facebook was making noteworthy profit.
People thought Facebook had potential and they paid for it. They paid for the chance of participating in the future profit.

That’s what can be seen at some of the crypto projects. They have potential. They have a chance to deliver, make profit.
Way too many are blatant scams or at least overpriced.
But some do have potential.
Indicium has potential. The market for Indicium’s products is there. A chance to make profit in this market is there.
I could list some other projects with potential, but I don’t want to start shilling them here.
This is my humble opinion.

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Go ahead and shill some. Which projects are fittest to survive?

Random selection of projects which I consider fit to survive (even if some are quite young):

These were the easy ones. PoS coins obviously have an easier time to survive.
PoW coins I grant a chance to survive
Ethereum especially if they manage to transition to PoS.

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1.Nxt was released without ICO, Is not scam? All NXT assets will move to Waves… - no future

2.Emercoin? To save all the “trash” in blockchaine ? For example I need only DNS from EMC, why I need to download the blockchaine that content SSH, SSL, …ID…e.t.c…
P.S. I don’t need any DNS from EMC, or from NMC… Darknet use .onion sites. EMC and NMC are useless

3.Bitshares? Shares? Assets? Money from air?

4.ETH good, but soon blockchane will GROW geometricalyy (all contracts code are in blockchaine + all assets)

Yes, how exactly is Ethereum going to survive? It will become centralized through the mammoth growth of its blockchain, since they decided it made sense to store absolutely everything in it. I’ve heard our developers talk about how that is a fundamental mistake, and that the blockchain should also be used more to verify things, rather than store everything.


Maybe yes, maybe no.
Let’s have a look at them in one year :slight_smile: