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After a fruitful collaboration with the Worldcoin community we are now promoting Primecoin (XPM). We received an anonymous email saying:

"This is the first and last message that I will ever send. After this, I will disappear, never to be heard from again. I just sent 1250 XPM to support your work promoting Primecoin. The transaction is here:

I chose to send the donation because I deeply believe that Primecoin is the future. It is the most innovative cryptocurrency. Primecoin will take off once it becomes popular in Asia (2014). I am happy to do my small part to help Primecoin to reach its potential.


We began to support Worldcoin in August 2013 when the price of 1 wdc was at its lowest of 0.000025 BTC per WDC. After almost 4 months with our support, including other positive happenings for the coin, it has now stabilized around 0.00013 BTC per WDC. A growth of 520%!

This was a great success and we are eager to try it out on Primecoin now as we see this coin to be the most interesting investment in the cryptocurrency market with the starting prices of 0.0008 BTC per XPM. As some of you know we have also established our own Cryptocurrency Investment Club with now more than 250 members all over the world.
What do we need from the Primecoin Community?

We would need 1250 Primecoins each month from the Primecoin community to continue the promotion. This means that to get started, we have now received 1250 Primecoins for the timeperiod November 16th to December 15th (where the prices of Primecoin started on 0.0008 BTC per XPM). For the month December 16th to January 15th we need 1250 XPM more, and so on. Are we unable to receive 1250 XPM when the next period starts we will have to remove XPM as the sponsored coin and go for another one.

If you send Primecoins to AXdu93QRVdh4ZXDS7fXgTUG4Z4jvuc2Y6w please send us an email to crypto (at) with how many XPM you have sent and we will add you on a list on this page showing how much XPM we have received. You can chose what nickname you will use, but we need your email address to update you on the latest progress of XPM and for the next payment. Persons that donate first time does not have to join for the next round, however it would make things a lot easier for us to not have to go public every month asking for support.
What will we do for Primecoin?

• Add “We love Primecoin” underneath our own Logo
• Only take payments in Primecoin for ads and other services here
• Post all the latest updates about Primecoin, both from Sunny King and other sources
• Analyze Primecoin weekly and send out our recommendation regarding the coin to our 200+ members
Received XPMs

[size=18pt]December 16th to January 15th is NOT COVERED[/size]



From: 2 donations Anonymous, 1 donation cryptog

November 16th to December 15th is COVERED (value gone from 0.0008 to 0.002 BTC per XPM)

1250 XPM

From: Anonymous
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