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AMD FX X8 8350 CPU; Xolominer (primeminer) best configuration ? ???


This is down



http://xpm.syware.de/ is down and user stats - earns not seen.



Today i tried to cross compile xolominer for my mips router to let it rock there.
Compilationprocess dies with

In file included from ./port/port_posix.h:50:0, from ./port/port.h:14, from ./db/filename.h:14, from db/builder.cc:7: ./port/atomic_pointer.h:212:2: error: #error Please implement AtomicPointer for this platform.

maybe anyone can help ,e getting this done.
Would be nice seeing this miningrig on a mips / mipsel / kirkwood machine :wink:


@Sy’s stats:
why don’t you use the daily stats from the beta pages (and divide them by 24 for XPM/h) ?? :-X


btw. it looks like Sy’s stats are up again, but they’re missing some payouts from 12-01 to 13-01
correct values can be found on the beta pages

xolominer for mips? :o :smiley:
love it. unfortunately: can’t help with the error message.
AtomicPointer should be part of the LevelDB lib, it looks like it’s not compatible with MIPS <-- afaik

i should really remove all these (unnecessary) lib/src dependencies next
LevelDB is actually not essential for mining, but the miner is using the original client code as basis, and thus they share the same dependencies

  • xolokram


Your Mining not work for Centos ?


@ Xolokram

Hi Xolokram! I have a serious issue now, my wallet.dat is completely corrupted to the point where I cannot decrypt my own wallet to retrieve my private key…

This means my address ALfvkxXt7URtNQZMjjLUX6Pebft7aRhajA can’t be used to mine at beeeeer anymore.

Now, I have 2.654 XPM attached to that address in the beeeeer stats page, so I stopped XPM mining for now to avoid hitting the payout barrier and sending the coins to the now corrupt address.

-rescan seems to do nothing, as I deleted the rev00000.dat, rev00001.dat and the rev00002.dat files which forced a re-index of all the blocks…

Is there anyway we can change my old address to a new address? (I still need to generate one and test it somehow…)

Thanks xolokram, I hope we can fix this issue :frowning:


got your PM, sent you a reply 8)


[quote=“gavinlew, post:526, topic:358”]All I get on the console output is the following,

[WORKER3] Hello, World!
[WORKER4] Hello, World!
[WORKER5] Hello, World!
[WORKER6] Hello, World!
[WORKER7] Hello, World!
[WORKER7] GoGoGo![/quote]Thats the best software ever written! Look at all the Hello’s and Go’s!


does anyone know why the prime/s on my 64bit i7 is lower than my 32bit i5? both are running with same threads. does it mean my i5 is more faster? ???


[quote=“ooHIoo, post:550, topic:358”]does anyone know why the prime/s on my 64bit i7 is lower than my 32bit i5? both are running with same threads. does it mean my i5 is more faster? ???[/quote]No that only means the miner use different settings. If you want to compare performance, compare chains/day.



I got XPM miner from here https://github.com/thbaumbach/primecoin and it gives segmentation faults when shutting down (Ctrl+C). There seem to be a bug right here:

prime.cpp, Line 877
const unsigned int nPrime = vPrimes[nPrimeSeq];

primecoin-miner[11645]: segfault at 7f7bd9e0c014 ip 000000000059182b sp 00007f7bcb7f52a0 error 4 in primeminer[400000+316000]

It’s a bit annoying as it seems that this bug prevents me to do some code profiling.
Is this the right place to post this?


Just curious, why did I receive less of a payout on 1-15 (having found 1 block and 1 9-chain, plus more 7- and 8-chains) than I did on 1-5?

Did the payouts change even though the difficulty did not?



the value per share has been decreased to adjust the size of the sharelog, as it is too big (this started around 5th of january)
also a single 9-chain is worth more than 10 8-chans, thus this shouldnt make that much of a difference

btw. these shares have been paid on that specific dates, not actually been found then

the cleanup code is not … um … perfect :slight_smile:
yes, this is the right place


[quote=“xolokram, post:554, topic:358”]@ian:
the cleanup code is not … um … perfect :slight_smile:
yes, this is the right place[/quote]

Thanks xolokram. Is it possible for a quick fix in order not to mess with the threading termination?


xolokram, I think you misunderstood what I said.

On Jan. 5, I earned .64 for 78 seven chains, two eight chains and two nine chains.

On Jan. 15, I earned .63 for one BLOCK, 125 seven chains, five eight chains and one nine chain. In other words, my question is, are BLOCKS not worth as much as a nine-chain?


to simply answer your question:
9-chain-share’s worth 0.1599 XPM
block-share’s worth 0.2429 XPM
but i’m pretty sure, that’s not what you wanted to hear ::slight_smile:

/edit: @ian:
i’ll look into this, once i’m back on coding for the xpm miner
i plan to modify it the same way i did for the pts miner (less bitcoind code; less, clean & efficient networking + mining code)


Right… then what I’m showing on that page makes no sense. /shrug


i’m confused; pls, be more specific what’s the problem (also regarding my first answer)
gtg, will be back tomorrow


Hi All,
What happens when Beeeeer.org does the auto-payout to a wallet address that is not accessible?

The PC where my wallet is, is down for several days for servicing? So the wallet is not accessible.