Sunny King interviews

Sunny King interviews are my favorites to read. They also serve to indoctrinate new community members, similar to a more comprehensive FAQ. It helps spread Sunny’s long term perspective to the community. It gives an ideological and philosophical background behind Peercoin.

Just curious, when is the next one?

Possibly around the time the next version is released. For those that keep asking about this, it’s ultimately my fault and I’m sorry it has taken so long. I just haven’t had the amount of time that I used to. Every time I want to do it, something important always seems to come up that takes up the majority of my time and prevents me from starting. I’m still working toward getting it done though. After it’s out, I’d also like to have a free chat with Sunny so people can ask him whatever they’d like that wasn’t included in the interview.

wee, excited about 0.5 :slight_smile: