hello I can notice the improvement in peerunity but also, increase in weight and waste of resources in the system, it would be nice if you could do something like plugins to add these features and if those who want to roll the client minimalist
could enable or disable features,
anything would be good
that can create a PPC wallet with Electrum
adopccion think would increase the PPC

I am not a developer but I can give advice

  1. develop in an isolated environment (on a machine that has its clean software)
  2. can create groups which together ayunden to develop faster
  3. go through
    Release Candidate (RC)
    General availability release (RTM)
    Stable / unstable
    respecting this very well what each step means
  4. specify the roadmap Peercoin, having the road map of the main project and may be developed in other projects
  5. ready the rest, you can go to create a promotional campaign

success to the talented developers of this community.

You have seen a sizable increase in the required system resources used between v0.1.0 and v0.1.1 of Peerunity? This is certainly possible, but from my testing I have not seen a major difference in processor utilization, memory, or HD read/write.

If you have seen a change let us know what operating system you run and what performance changes you’ve notice between the versions.

A plugin architecture is definitely one way to approach it long term. Ideally we’d like to abstract the protocol from the UI so that development can go down a number of paths so usage specific versions can develop depending on different requirements.