(Success!) Pooling 6k PPC for Changelly Support


I thought it was obligatory to keep using peercoin or transactions would get blacklisted… :thinking:


Nah, you’re good. No worries.

I’m pledging 150 PPC. I’m pretty broke at the moment so can’t contribute as much as I’d like to.


I’m running low too but I can pledge 100 PPC. Hope we’ll get to 6k because changelly is a great plateform to switch coins :slight_smile:

I am ready to give 50 ppc. I do not hold much of it so if small participations are accepted I am in.

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I pledge 500 PPC.

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I updated the total. 600 PPC left to go! :grin:

pledge 600 ppc

Alright, that’s it! Everyone please send your pledged amount to the PPC General Fund. The address is here…


After doing that, please post the following info in this thread…

  • Amount
  • txid

As soon as we receive all pledged funds, we will. reach out to Changelly to initiate the transaction. The following people have pledged funds…


Amount: 50 ppc

Transaction ID: 2e6e22165af9845763f22f0c3d6e55d65b6ce34ae19bb11b2145f95c3c086793


Amount: 100 PPC

Transaction ID: b067f385f3a0baf50d60138522c86c4bd987bb31049d787ff213b2cf51b8187c

Amount: 500 PPC
TXID: eb2e84d2ba61d030a7beed8c20b0d20d3aaff686e225afb0dd5b240ee192bbde

Amount: 500 PPC
TXID: 62aadd4f34476ca28f203ad1190293f9b3a3d6804d99a8a3699d4f82cf9b7a27

Amount: 150 PPC
TXID: 4ebdd9fe7d467747bd1c292115f75bc18d1361508e06ccc871eb108eec4adcb9

Amount: 500 PPC
TXID: fd9dab5dccbdc86259b5ecd2b5f4630780b9c6cc41ca7cbe998e18ea3c3920da

Amount : 100 PPC
Txid : e195ac96f0567cd271712161b763a83deed6e555f3dfe3ca87709c064be0427a

Amount: 500
Txid: ca93e8199c70b65ef3af41e06aff55c2a0bd94f36a7196cce53d76a582585aff

So we’re waiting on 4 more donations, Backpacker, Teek, Robert and Irritant. Peerchemist already sent in his donation but didn’t post the txid in this thread.

Amount 500 PPC.
Transaction ID: 1f8e780f1a70360e39b09b7ca5069b34e33b68f8afe65e716e27aab1f81afe38

Amount: 1000 PPC
TX: a2daf2d8448166ff53f68594c209216727191108b425629ad2fd1f6840c1e84d

Amount: 1000 PPC
TXID: 4952f0b522adf23acbc27290f2cbe59ccf53060a7ec729b7679ed4ed1283316f