Story about ATM, peercoins, Bazaar and Peershares

Go downtown, for a cup of coffee. Happen to walk by one of those amazing ATM’s based on open source software and off the shelf hardware.

Decide to buy some crypto currency. Put a dollar in the slot and select Peercoins from the menu. The ATM scan the QR code on my cellphone Peercoin wallet and just a moment later I receive my coins.

I sit down with my cup of coffee. Little to do I pull out my phone and launch the Bazaar app ( I’ve heard great things about PizzaCorp and decide to see if I can find some PizzaCorp Peershares on the bazaar. Sure enough. I decide to exchange my newly bought peercoins for some PizzaCorp Peershares.

I’m really pleased. Now I will be receiving dividends in a currency which I then can use to stake mine with and earn some interest. The perfect way of allocating capital.

No way for anyone to shut it down either since there is not a single point of centralization (or big mining pools that can be easily singled out and attacked) anywhere in this ecosystem. Perfect for long term savings.