Status of PeerApps/PeerMessage

I know it’s been a while since Emeth has been around. He was waiting on v0.5 to be released, which contained features necessary to implement Peerapps/Peermessage. I recently received an email from him though where he told me the status of the project, for people who wanted to know.

He is still very much dedicated to working on Peerapps/Peermessage, however it is a passion project and unfortunately some other things are taking priority at the moment. He hopes to get back to working on it soon though when time allows for it.

I hope that’s good enough for now to satisfy people’s questions about what’s going on.

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Great to hear that!
It’s passion work for most of us.

I’ll be happy to help with integrating into PeerKeeper.

Peerapps/Peermessage share a lot of technology with PeerAssets. They are so close that even calling PeerAssets one of the Peerapps would not be wrong.
Collaboration would prevent losing development time on common code.
Emeth needs to come to forum and read the PeerAssets whitepaper and see if we can share something. Please tell him about it.

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