Statistics / Historian / Researcher volunteer needed

We need to find a person (or people) who likes the challenge of compiling some statistics and doing some research.

Approximate is close enough.

To answer questions like:

  • Approximately how many SHA256 POW coins were released since 2013. Of those, how many are trading above 25 cents per coin?

  • How many forks of Peercoin has their been since its inception. Of those forks, how many of those are still trading? What is the average price for these forks?

And silly statistics like:

When bitcoin hit $1300, what was peercoin at? How long did that last, etc.

… the purpose of this is to spawn topics for discussion during an official chat session.

I’d this myself, but I’m a self appointed organizer for something big. :slight_smile: I need help.

These questions are just samples. But I think they are enough to show these points:

[b]a) Where peercoin has been

b) Where everyone has also been in relation to peercoin

c) Where peercoin might go next.[/b]

I know Tyke’s series of books is a good start. So is Chronos videos. The information is out there to make this an easy start.

However for reasons I’d like to not share at the present time, I’d like someone with the energy and excitement to take on this task.

Please PM me for details and to discuss. If you can “kind of help out”, but “can’t fully help out”. Maybe we can divide this out in a single task per person scenario.

Thank you very much.


I really need some help. I’ve had one offer. Need another person to volunteer. Might take only an hour or two of your time over the course of a week or two.

This is really coming together. But if you can do this, please PM me…