Standalone Miner like Antminer S4 for Solo Mining?

Hello everyone! I’ve been reading posts on solo mining, and understanding that it is like solo mining for BTC. However the instructions generally indicate using connected hardware to a PC. What if you have standalone hardware like the S4 or S3? They have built in CGminer software, and everything is setup in the miner through a remote connection. I’m obviously a newb so if anyone has experience setting up a standalone miner to mine solo, I could really use your help! Thanks

4,2 Gh/s is not really recommended for solo mining… why would you want that :)?

I can find blocks in pools, so I should be able to find blocks solo? I figure the payout will be better in the long run? BTW, its 4.2 TH/s not gh/s.

I misread that, sorry. (you did not by chance change that in your profile info just now :D?)

If the inbuilt software does not include solo mining, you might have to set-up a private pool.

You would have to run a machine with peercoind, so your hardware could connect to it.

I don’t know if it does support solo mining. From what I gather you have to mine through the wallet in order to get the credit for the mining? Or am I misunderstanding this? It wouldn’t be as simple as pointing the miner to an address and using my wallet address as the username? Most of the info online pertains to bitcoin, with address and ports available. Also most of the guides online talk about mining with connected hardware (connected to a pc). Basically, I would love to get a walkthrough from someone who has actually connected an antminer s3 or s4 to solo mine peercoin. Anyone?

Just follow the bitcoin instructions.

Everytime “bitcoind” is mentioned, you have to use “ppcoind” or" peerunityd" (depending on what software your wallet will run on) instead. You also have to change the rpc port to 9902 (that’s peercoin’s). Everything else should not be different.

ppcoind won’t take stratum directly though will it?

ie: cgminer / bfgminer directly to ppcoind wouldn’t work?

[quote=“teek, post:7, topic:3204”]ppcoind won’t take stratum directly though will it?

ie: cgminer / bfgminer directly to ppcoind wouldn’t work?[/quote]

neither will bitcoind, you’ll need to set up a stratum proxy.