Stake not mining?

Sorry if this is the incorrect area, but I didn’t see anything that looked like it fit.

My wallet has had some coins in it for some time. I’ve unfortunately had to move my wallet.dat file from multiple machines, but its still intact.

I followed the setup guide for stake mining on OSX, and currently, my wallet shows " encrypted and unlocked for minting"

my last transaction according to the blockchain was 1-2-14.

Theoretically those coins should be mature enough to generate stake, iirc.

Did I miss something? ( be kind to the n00b please)

Your transactions have a chance to sign a block after 30 days, but it’s still a chance. Minting will probably occur within some months time, but small transactions have less chance than big transactions. I’ve seen transactions of around a 100 coins generally generating stake after about 2 to 3 months

ah, ok.

I’m on the correct path. Thats all I really wanted to know. Thank you.