Staging server - Revision v3

The revision v3 of the project is available at

Change list:

[ul][li]MAJOR: Minting guide implementation[/li]
[li]Paper wallet added to wallet page[/li]
[li]Newcomer page revisions[/li]
[li]Added Linux and Windows Peerunity screenshots[/li]
[li]SEO: Implemented page titles for each page[/li][/ul]

Please refrain from leaving any comments on the revision here, instead go to the respectable page topic.

Chronos, are Investor and Developer pages ready for the staging phase?

Yes, all pages are ready for Staging.

I’m having an issue where the page will not scroll until it has (mostly) loaded. This occurs on every page. Is this happening for anyone else?

EDIT (to avoid triple-post): TWH, could you also please add the video placeholders, so we can get a feel for the layout? For example, on the Minting Guide page, the video will be an important part of the content.

Revision v3 will be completed by the end of the day, including the rest of unstaged pages and the video placeholders.

All content pages are now up-to-date. I received -2 karma recently; I hope it wasn’t due to the site content! :stuck_out_tongue:

The real life karma is the one that matters, not the pixelated one. :smiley:

Anyways, I’m starting now, you should be able to see the usual status messages pop up in respective topics soon enough.

Unfortunately, I’m delaying the publication of the revision v3.5 until morning. I don’t want to release a half-finished revision, and I still have a page to finish. So instead, I will do that tomorrow morning as soon as I am finished.