Staging server - Revision v2.5

The revision v2.5 of the project is available at

Change list:
[li]MAJOR: Implemented Consumer page[/li]
[li]MAJOR: Implemented Merchant page

[ul][li]MAJOR: Implemented Merchant payment integration guide[/li][/ul]
[li]MAJOR: Implemented Myths page

[ul][li]Added the Myths page link to the header[/li][/ul]

Please refrain from leaving any comments on the revision here, instead go to the respectable page topic.

Hotfixes requested by Chronos are now LIVE!

TWH, thanks for your hard work on this. We’re still missing a couple pages, such as Minting Quick-Start Guide. It would also be great to see video placeholders in the spots that they will be in the final product. When should we expect the next revision?

Thank you!

Do you mind marking the pages that need are ready for another revision in blue on the sitemap. Makes it easier for me to hop on it and work, because I know where to start right away, and not waste time, and you are changing content anyways so you probably know better then I.

Great plan. Some of the content changes are small, and still under construction, so let’s not bother to update staging pages for those. I’ve highlighted the major changes in the sitemap document that need staging updates. I’ll continue to do this, going forward, so you can just look for the highlights each time you open the document.

Also, not all staging pages have been created yet.


I know, I’m having some rush at my part-time job, making me work even on a holiday like today, that’s why I have been a bit slow. Anyways, should get on it tomorrow as it is the weekend.

Sorry about this, not really in my hands. But when I do get to, I usually don’t let it go until it is done.

No worries.

You have write access to the document library, so go ahead and remove the highlighting on each page as you update it.

Thank you!

Will do! :slight_smile: