Spreading the word on Peercoin - FreeTalkLive.com

Hey all,

I have been in contact with the host for http://www.freetalklive.com/ and they are often discussing bitcoin and its merits and latest news etc on crypto-currencies. I am trying to pool some information together to make a call in to the show to discuss peercoins with Mark the host of http://www.freetalklive.com/ so that we can raise awareness on the cryptocurrency.

If anyone has any points they feel should be mentioned, would like to see highlighted then please feel free to post in this thread. Once I call in and the radio show broadcast i’ll post a link on here to the individual show and people can have a listen for themselves :slight_smile:


I think one of the most important things to get across is that Bitcoin has design flaws which will bring its reign to an end one day and that ppc was designed with these security flaws in mind. Eventually there should be a transition to proof-of-stake and ppc is the leading contender in that area.

Great suggestions. I’d also recommend touching base with ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’. Both Peter Bushnell (Feather) and myself have done interviews with them in the past. Great group of people over there.

I think it is important to remember that in whatever is said, try to stay away from bashing BTC, LTC. People who are in BTC & LTC don’t want to feel like they have made a wrong financial decision. Nobody wants to feel like they have made a bad financial decision. I would make sure to emphasize and affirm how great BTC & LTC are, and congratulate people on that decision, but then lead into the fact that PPC has “substantial” innovation which is “significant” and that couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t first for Satoshi and the BTC development. That PPC is not a clone coin, but takes BTC and vastly improves certain elements of it, for additional security and energy efficiency. Talk about how PPC has an extremely active development team and brilliant lead developer.
Talk about PPC as the up and coming leader in this “new generation” of crypto-currency technology. Really drive home “long-term” energy efficiency, and sustainablility, that one of our primary goals of the PPC community is to create a long-term sustainable environmentally friendly crypto-currency that will be able to last for hundreds of years. Emphasize long-term, more than short term. Explain how much thought and design went into it to be able to take Bitcoin to the next level. I would also market it more for it’s security features, and as a long-term safe-haven store of value similar to gold, but without having the detrimental impacts associated with conventional mining and plundering out planet’s resources. I think PPC’s greatest advantage is for building savings. Talk about how the fixed transaction fee works to keep the network secure and stable.
Again, just really drive home that PPC is a revolutionary powerhouse of safety and security for the modern world, even above and beyond BTC & LTC.
Peercoin is for long-term saving, Bitcoin/Lightcoin is for smaller every-day transactions.

Also, when you talk about it, it would be smart, and best if you say “Peercoin” rather than “PPCoin or aka. PeePeeCoin” and explain that the initials P. P. C. stands for peer2peer coin.

Above all, just be mature. The sound of an intelligent mature person, is what will attract intelligent mature people, it is the intelligent mature people who have money to invest, and the know-how to use computers. Focus on the “smart” investor target market. People want to make wise financial decision, just be mature, and communicate positive belief in the coin. People can sense doubt in a person’s voice, just be confident and speak with clarity and enunciation and people will get it :slight_smile:

Nice post! Maybe also keep a notepad next to you with a lot of these topics written down as a reference so you don’t get memory blank and forget everything you were going to say.