Speculators appreciation in value meet World's first stable Digital Currency

[size=18pt]CCEDK.com welcomes you to the two currencies beginning to gain momentum wherever you turn.[/size]

Say hello to the World’s First Stable Digital Currency and their exact opposite and yet very biggest indicator of the promising success lying ahead namely NuShares - The currency to win acceptance in future as a great digital asset any speculators will love to work with, the currency already now after one month in open air showing great speed and present itself as second on coinmarketcap.com assets.

December 16, 2014 JP Buntinx

A few days ago, we have taken a first glance at NuBits, a very stable cryptocurrency from a price point perspective. The Nu team has worked hard on this project, and continues supporting this currency with everything they have. But NuBits is not their only project, as they have also created NuShares.

In some ways, NuShares are the exact opposite of NuBits. Whereas NuBits is all about price stability at the US$1.00 mark, NuShares wants to offer something to the cryptocurrency speculators, as it can appreciate in value.


You can trade NuShares in following pairs on CCEDK.com:

Bitcoin based https://www.ccedk.com/nsr-btc ,

Peercoin based https://www.ccedk.com/nsr-ppc

Nubits based https://www.ccedk.com/nsr-nbt

Chinese Yuan https://www.ccedk.com/nsr-cny

December 14, 2014 JP Buntinx

Every which way you look at it, 2014 has been a sad year for cryptocurrency in general. Not just because of BItcoin losing a lot of value (but remaining fairly stable for now), but there is blood in the altcoin street. On top of that, regulations are looming overhead, causing anxiety and confusion among digital currency enthusiasts. NuBits is one of those Bitcoin alternatives which displays some sense of price stability as well, yet hardly anyone has ever heard of them. So what are NuBits? Let’s find out together, shall we?


You can trade NuBits in following pairs on CCEDK.com:

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I guess you are promoting NU and CCEDK in various forums including other cryptocurrencies not only in PPC forum. Good job then :wink:

I am doing this in as many forums as possible depending on time issues as well, and I am oing it in english, chinese and russian, so I asume I cover some ground every time we have a new article coming out.