Something wrong with coinmarket cap

I have been sending money from my primecoin program and it says I have such and such amount but the coinmarketcap site is recording some other transactions. What is up??

Can you link to anything to show what youre talking about? Coinmarketcap is not a block explorer as far as i know.

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It is connected to the Primecoin part of coinmarketcap under explorer

Thats the xpm rich list…

Also, thats on (which is an explorer), you just happened to follow a link there from another website (that isnt an explorer).

What you linked to is just a collection of addresses that other people own. Im not sure how that relates to your OP.

Well, it is inaccurate and the block explorer I saw was incorrect! So, there’s my two cents! I was flustered that maybe there was a bug with the primecoin program but I think it is ok.

How is it inaccurate? Can you link to the address that is inacurrate? Or better yet, a specific transaction.

That would reveal my position I guess… But I just know that site doesn’t match my wallet.

Do you have 2444668 blocks?

yes up to date green checkmark

I don’t know then. You can getrawtransaction then decoderawtransaction to see what a transaction hash translates to in blockchain terms.

ok thank you! Here’s to 1.00 xpm!

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