Some orphan blocks

Hi fellow peercoinfans!

Yesterday I mined some orphan blocks on the https://pool
Normally this never happens. It maybe (maybe not) there ara some problem on the network. - The last time I had some orphan blocks it was on the last fork problem-

My 2 orphan blocks are:
| Blockhash | Height | Amount | Confirmations | Difficulty | Time |
| 00000000000000056e0562496fdb8f651a932955a8b82c6da4aecd3535e8016e | 257810 | 65.58 | 1 | 540365954.63402 | 2016-09-12 01:34:2 |
Block ID | Height | Amount | Share ID | Shares | Finder | Worker | Type |
| 9900 | 257810 | 65.58 | 1493785051 | 102926701 | [11352] stupine | stupinez.4 | stratum_blockhash |

Blockhash | Height | Amount | Confirmations | Difficulty | Time |
0000000000000000b5a03cfe46d4af47c90264323a1830998fcdefebded27eca | 257853 | 65.06 | 1 | 557968746.02217 | 2016-09-12 05:34:0 |
Block ID | Height | Amount | Share ID | Shares | Finder | Worker | Type |
9905 | 257853 | 65.06 | 1493886999 | 756945149 | [12929] snoopy | snoopy.131 | stratum_blockhash |

I investigate the last blocks POW found on I saw isn’t only problem of ecoining. There are some blocks orphan on another big pool: Coinotron

257856 2016-09-12 05:55:02 0:40:12 489693184 557245203 54.35 Orphan anonymous
257846 2016-09-12 05:00:54 2:17:38 2756304896 557245203 311.77 Orphan anonymous
257817 2016-09-12 02:14:43 7:47:4 2375688192 543634720 264.42 Orphan anonymous

I saw the last days some big whale mining Peercoin outside Ecoining, Coinotron, Fixx, d7… with some TH/s. I suspect there are somebody or somepool mining with a lot of hasphower, rejecting good blocks. There is possible?
What do you think about?

I’m kind of new to ppc mining, but could it be some kind of 51% attack on peercoin mining?

Obviously it doesn’t affect chain security, but it does pull the mining reward to one party?

I’m not sure though, these orphan peaks seem to happen more often:!extraction

I had a orphaned block with POS yesterday. It was timed between broadcasted blocks 257962 and 257963. Both the blocks where minted by the third richest address in the network.

I do not know if it is to worry about. Maybe just one powerful wallet which is minting heavily not continuously over time but in batch?

Yes that might indeed cause a lot of orphan blocks, both PoS and PoW.
Might explain why I haven’t found a block for so long, maybe I’ve found some orphans.

That address seemed to be minting a great percentage of blocks from 2016-09-12 02:24:39 to 2016-09-13 12:30:29
If you minted in that timeframe and have high latency to that node, you have high chance of orphans.
I believe he has minted it all now.

You guys think this kind of behavior is an issue?

Yes it’s strange. The pool is working from December of 2013. In all this time the block statistics of the pool are:

14 orphan blocks from 9882!

The most of this 14 orphaned blocks was on the last fork problem on May
It’s very strange to have a POW orphan block.
Somebody is rejecting good blocks…

As far as I understand a PoS block can orphan a PoW block.
If a temporary high stake minter finds a PoS block shortly after you found a PoW block, chances are high the PoS block will win.
Since the high stake minter is spitting out blocks at a high rate, it’s chain will grow faster than your chain.

Just look at the rate of this minter:

Take block 258005 and go forward in history (towards now), see how many PoS blocks exist until the next PoW block. I’m sure there are several orphans along the way all discarded by this minter.

Hi Hroobers!

Yes, I understand POS blocks can orphan a POW block, In the same way POW blocks can invalidate a POS blocks
That miner PXBf64T4gqKcn7Kruw75X8V5yeci34HG92 is maybe BTC-e?

No more orphan blocks on the last days… ::slight_smile:
I ll keep an eye on it.