Some news from China

  1. 1st Chinese PPC pool up (found 8 blocks so far)

520 block confirmation;
Port: 3333/3334
(no vouch for the mentioning of the pool, please use it at your own risk. I just wanted to help this guy as the pool is young and struggling to survive.)

  1. Private Meetup in Beijing
    As I am not available ATM, I asked Jimmy to attend a private meeting-just socializing, not some promotion event. Hopefully he will introduce PPC to the cryptocurrency circle in Beijing.

  2. Media coverage.
    Harvey introduced me to a financial media reporter. I just showed her some threads in Chinese about PPC. Haven’t talked with her through phone yet. Maybe the reporter wants to build a story of altcoins.

  3. I started a poll on the official Chinese name for PPC. The old one or "Dian Dian Bi/点点币“ seems to be the favorite. Some female players mentioned that it was “cute” or “naive but in a good way”. The poll is still on. I shall push more people to get involved.

Wonderful job redlee & Jimmy. You guys are our Chinese leaders. Let us know if you need help collecting media articles that have been written in North America on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc…we’ve found that showing them to other journalists (such as your contact in China) can help speed up story generation. :slight_smile:

Great idea.
Do we have a thread that accumulates those media coverage?

[quote=“redlee, post:3, topic:1343”]Great idea.
Do we have a thread that accumulates those media coverage?[/quote]

I know JBT started this thread, but it doesn’t include everything yet…

I made a similar one:

I just checked out the featured articles and interviews. Indeed, the media plays a major role to spread the cryptsy news. Social engagements and promotions are great as well. Let’s get involved peeps!