Some ideas

One thing that boosts litecion is its speed, it has nothing more to offer. PPC has 2-3 important things to offer but not speed.
There are some PPC clones that are faster.

So I asked sunny if in the future something could be done to increase the speed and he said that with a hard fork it can get done but questioned its need.

I think that if ppc is all energy efficient, no limit, steady inflation, more secure AND faster, then it will surpass litecoin with sound speed and I don’t see real reasons a bout not surpassing BTC itself since its a much better iteration.

I know this is very difficult to implement (I am a coder myself but I don’t have any idea about the cryptystuff) but I think it needs some serious thought.

Also does anyone know if any digital coin implements acceptance of transactions? if someone sends me money and i don’t want to accept this payment?
my two cents

Seems like if Peercoin truly intends to be a ‘backbone’ cryptocurrency it would need speed the least of all coins.

There will be different cryptocurrencies specialized for fast transactions, anonymity, science, etc. Peercoin is for saving or store of value just like gold.

faster block times does not mean the same security…

in fact the 10 min block time was chosen by btc for a reason… interested why i encourage you to go look into the reasons behind it… you may have to dig but there are a few factors to think about.

6 confirmations means that the nodes agree on those 6 blocks previous. however having 2 min blocks for example means that you have only given the nodes 12 mins to test the blocks across the node that you are not directly connected to. that is the same as 1 confirmation… still feel faster blocks r good idea? and just as secure?

next look at block chain bloating… the size of LTC blockchain (like btc is 12 GB) for the number of transactions and age of the chain compared to BTC when it was as old as ltc is you will be surprised to see that LTC on course to be a massive download if goes the same way as btc… this is part due also to the fact that more orphan blocks happen due to the faster blocks and not all nodes on agreement in the network.

So actually peercoin KEPT the good aspects of bitcoin unlike most other coins that tried to overcome the wait for security by simply reducing the level of security.

If i’m wrong on this please do say so but is what i believe from what i been told and read up on


Seriously, as soon as eMunie or especially the new netcoin implement Block Trees, I’m getting out of PPC. Look it up.

We need federation and even more decentralization.

Yuri & Lumi summarized what I came here to say. With 0.01PPC tx fee we don’t want speed or velocity in transactions - we want to be a stable long-term store of value for other cryptos.


Peercoin being the backbone for other microcurrencies has enough speed around it’s design already.

Peercoin doesn’t need the same sort of speed for microcurrency transactions because it was designed to hold LARGE value amounts, that do not get moved often (due to the higher static transaction fee of 0.01 PPC)

When people think of a backbone, I think they are confusing it with an internet backbone.

Let’s refer to it as a “store of verifiable wealth”, like a Federal Reserve but audited by the public at any given moment by public exposure of the block chain.

The need of this will be self evident in the next while. Someone is going to realize “Hmmm… Bitcoin and Litecoin aren’t good at this, we need something like … oh I dunno, Peercoin”

It’s a puzzle piece that will be needed later. I’m not going to say anymore because I’m starting to feel like I’m going in circles re-explaining this again and again. Read my previous posts on the forum if you are curious.