Some advice for peercoin

peercoin (ppcoin) was minted too quickly in the early stage, and the coins were too concentrated in the Top 10 addresses, so no one dared to buy this coin. The only way is to release liquidity to the market, sell the coins through marketing activities, and let the market and users decide on this The price of the coin, not the oligarch. Otherwise peercoin has no hope.

On the one hand, your not wrong. The initial BTC inflation schedule was entirely irresponsible for it to not be capped like we have now. However, it is not a reasonable thing to do to force specific address holders to give up their coin. Rather, we are approaching the situation via minting, which rewards those that participate ~3-5%. None of the top 10 addresses mint, many of them havent been used in several years, and so in this way we hope to eventually age out old money in a responsible fashion.

All that said, if you look at any of the old btc-e coins, they all have this same problem and they each had different inflation schedules. Namecoin is the best example, but also primecoin, feathercoin, even litecoin is hardly better than peercoin.

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You are right, there is no way we can get the top 10 people to spit out their coins, maybe they have already given up, and their wallets have been thrown into the trash.
However, if the guys in the top 10 are willing to make this ecology together, I hope he has a bigger vision to do the peercoin ecology, instead of lying on a pile of huge and meaningless numbers.

Im not convinced the top 10 matters, except to people that stare at those numbers. The top addresses of any given coin are almost always premine/early investors and exchanges. We have the same thing here. If you create some arbitrary ‘purity test’ wherein you are measuring the top addresses, then the people holding those addresses can just obfuscate using multiple addresses. That kind of a metric is next to meaningless objectively.

The true metric for hodler relevancy in Peercoin, in my opinion, is the mint difficulty. It is the be all and end all for both security and knowing who is awake and participating. No other metric lives up to that.

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