SOLVED. PeerUnity v0.6 synchronized but does not display my PPC!?

Hi everybody !

I had PeerUnity v. 5 (if remember well the version) on my Tablet Microsoft Surface, Windows 10, kindly displaying my good old Peercoins bought in 2014. I opened it yesterday to see a message saying that this version is not supported anymore (but my PPC were there) and that I should replace it with PeerUnity v0. 6. I went to the website, downloaded and installed it and I believe I followed exactly the instructions given on the site for replacing wallet.dat with my own old wallet.dat file. Before downloading, I also copied the whole two “PPCoin” and “PeerUnity” folders on my desktop, as recommended, they are still there. Please note that for installing v0 6 – 64 bit, I clicked on “peercoin-0.6.0-setup.exe”, but now I see that the folder also includes another .exe: “peercoin-qt.exe” that I did not use, perhaps this has to do with my problem?

I synchronised it yesterday after having overwritten the provided wallet.dat file with my own old wallet.dat as instructed. It is now fully synchronised but displays 0 PPC and 0 transactions, it is empty. No trace of my PPC. I have checked the forum posts but found no answer useful to me and the debug tool on PeerUnity is also of no help as I do not know how to use it.

Previously, I had already put my v5 version wallet.dat (which was generated automaticaly by v5), in a safe place for future recovery purpose, as well as some sort of other type of backup (?) file that I could export manually from v5. It is also a .dat file but unfortunately I made the mistake to rename it so I cannot give you the exact original file name, therefore if I should use it, probably PeerUnity will not recognise it. But if I could give its original name back it could probably use it, although I don’t know if this file plays a role in all this. If I remember well I did this by “exporting the key” although I’m not quite shure, because I cannot check this anymore as since I installed v0.6, my older v5 cannot be opened anymore, and in my v06 I don’t see any possibility to export or to import anything manually like in v5. And I cannot open my .dat files to see what the content looks like.

Can someone please help me to fix this and to access my PPC back? In your answer, please keep in mind that I am not technically proficient, so I do not understand technical IT vocabulary and I probably cannot perform complex technical operations :frowning:

The following has probably no relation to my problem but I mention it in case it does: in my v0.6 the first two screens (Overview and Send), display normally, but all the following screens (receive, Transaction, etc.) display in negative (black background instead of white), although everything seems to be there and functional.

Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help, and have a nice day.

Try renaming your current %Appdata%/Peercoin/wallet.dat to wallet.dat.bak and then move in your old renamed file.

Rename that file to wallet.dat

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Hi Willy! You are a genius man! I did just that and my PPCs instantly reappeared in my wallet :sweat_smile:
Thank you so much!