Solo or pool?

Im doing 2310 Primes/s (amd 6 core oc to 4ghz ) and would like to know if i should go for pool mining or solo?
Is there a mining program to solo mine like the pool mining software?
What cpus are the best for cost to XPM/s ??

Primecoin-hp is for solo mining:

I think AMD are the best price/performance, but maybe not if you take power consumption into account.

You should get slightly better performance (+10% maybe) from primecoin-hp than pool miners on AMD processors, since they have double the L1 cache of intel & primecoin-hp allows you to tune some parameters.

With primecoin-hp i get the same speed as you, but on an AMD Phenom 2 1045T 6 core at stock 2.7ghz (3.2ghz turbo) speeds.

You get a lot more variance with solo mining though, on that computer you should find a block about every 25 days, on average. A pool helps to spread smaller payments out & reduces the amount of luck involved.

Thanks man will try it :slight_smile:

More solo miners are good for the network too, help to keep it running well & honest.

On average you should get a little more, you save pool fees & use the best performing software, just luck is a much bigger factor, you might be waiting a while for your first payout & then you have to wait for confirmations before you can use it. Over a long period of time, or if you add a lot more power you should get a bit more than pool mining, but it’ll be mainly luck in the short term.

Thanks. Thinking about buying some of the amd 16 core cpus but cant find there average speeds. What do u think is it worth buying some of those or is it better to build multiple small computers ??

It’s probably not worth buying any hardware just for mining primecoin, it’ll possibly never pay for itself at current prices & difficulty levels, even if your electricity is free & you’d be better just buying some primecoins with the money if you think that prices will rise.

It’s good for using spare capacity to pay some towards the running costs of computers you’re running for other purposes. Then they’re negligible cost to mine, you can afford to sell for just the extra bit of electricity used when your cpu is running at full capacity - if the electricity use isn’t metered then they’re free.

So, I’m saying they’re sold for well under production cost at the moment, if you invest in hardware & pay for the electricity to run it, just for mining primecoins, you’re going to lose lots of money - or at least not make as much as you would by just buying some primecoins.

If you still want to find cpu comparisons for primecoin performance then Prime95 is a benchmark to look for, if you can’t find primecoin benchmarks. If you’re solo mining on primecoin-hp then you’ll benefit from from extra L1 cache on AMD chips too, so then AMD perform a lot better for primecoin mining than most benchmarks would suggest.

Newer Intel CPUs will probably give better performance per watt, you should look at that if your power is metered. I’m not sure how newer AMD CPUs compare either, they might even be worse than the Phenom 2. If space & power use is of no concern then a bunch of cheap 6 core phenom 2’s on second hand motherboards with ~4GB ram & network boot will probably be cheapest.

I have installed the Faster wallet but the performance has decreased, why is this ?? Are there any options to change like in other mining software ?? And Are there motherboards around that are compatible with multiple (2-4) amd phenom ii X6 processors that have a reasonable price?

Yeah, there are options to change. It was faster (compared to xolominer) using the newest primecoin-hp source from github, compiled & run on Linux, if you’re using an older release or a windows build then it wont be faster.

Set these options in your primecoin.conf if you’re using AMD Phenom or Phenom 2. Half these values for Intel processors

l1cachesize=64000 sievesize=2048000

If you see performance drop after setting those values then reduce them a little, but keep sievesize 32x l1cachesize.

primespersec can vary too & it’ll take a few minutes to get up to full speed, chains/day is a better measurement.