Solo mining with several PC on the same wallet

Okay so right now i have some free vps mining for me. I also use DO some times. And i have a few windows pcs too.

I am thinking of solo mining instead of using a pool. Btw i am interested in datacoin but the set up should be the same with primecoin.

I am using this guide to solo mine and it works fine:

Now since i am really noob with linux what i can do on terminal to make each of my vps have the same wallet? If it was windows i would just copy paste the wallet.dat i suppose. Same for linux with graphics environment. But on terminal i have no idea?


so your wallet will be located at ~/.primecoin the period in front of primecoin symbolizes a hidden directory while the ~ is your home directory. Anyways the easiest way imo for you would be to download winscp. This is a tool for you to copy your wallet file via a graphics environment from your windows machine to the Linux one. Hope this helps.

i will try it and see :slight_smile: Thanks!