Social Media Branding Artwork

Hi everyone

We’re in need of some graphics to make our social media presence look better.

Sentinelrv is currently looking into getting a cover page done up that in a “billboard style” that we can post information on

If anyone has experience with creating sidebar pictures, we could use a new one! I currently have the links to the green in the Peercoin logo

We’re in need of a channel artwork cover.

If you think you can contribute to any of these, let myself or Sentinelrv know!

For the Facebook image banner, we were thinking of using it to broadcast important announcements and information. It would need to be a stock photo that we could just edit and switch out whenever we need to update it. It should probably use colors similar to the logo, but that’s not a requirement, as long as it looks good. MeBeingAwesome mentioned including a section on the banner to list the most active ppc exchanges, so new visitors will know where to go. If somebody thinks they can come up with something good, give it a try! Just keep in mind we need something that is professional looking. If the quality is bad then we won’t use it. As for size dimensions, the banner needs to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

This is old news but posting anyway. Been storing up to date copies of the logos and other materials we create on a public skydrive folder to avoid the need to keep zipping and re zipping different files.

If you have anything good pm me and I’ll upload. Thanks!!117&authkey=!AJqeKYfm1WjPNSU&ithint=folder%2C

I reached out to cshelswell a couple days ago to make something for our Twitter sidebar. The header pic he made has been very well received by people who have tweeted @ Peercoin and I think he can make something to compliment it.

Agreed though Facebook would be nice to have something new.

Also we should do the same for the LinkedIn peercoin group