So Apparently Peercoin is No Longer the Official Crypto of Trekcon Springfield?

Anybody remember this…

Press Release:
Announcement Video:

Well Trekcon is going on right now and it appears that NXT is the official crypto being represented there…

Press Release:
Preparation Threads:
Booth Video:

It’s probably our fault though. I had actually completely forgotten about this. I assumed that JustaBitofTime and his friends that were managing the event were taking care of everything. Maybe that was a bad assumption. And before you get mad at John here, I don’t believe he’s completely abandoned us, because he still likes the Peercoin Facebook posts from time to time. I just don’t know how to feel about this though. They didn’t even notify us that we weren’t being featured anymore. :frowning:


This hurts, but I don’t think we would have been able to pull this off in a good way.
Sometimes a no show is better than a badly prepared show.

This is one of those moments :alas:

I say fair play to JM and Trekcon

It was down to us to keep Peercoin the Official Crypto of Trekcon, and we let it slide. Not surprising, as we have had so much else going on

Anyway, no real harm done, maybe they will choose a different coin each year

I see that differently.
John leaving Peercoin does not necessarily free him of tasks he accepted when he still was with Peercoin. I don’t discharge him from his duty. He should have handed things over.
It might have been as well our duty as community to follow up, but I don’t understand why I should shrug the fact off that he chose to promote NXT for trekcon without having asked if the Peercoin community still wants to support Peercoin at trekcon.
Has he asked here or via facebook/twitter/reddit - did he?

I share RobertLoyd’s assumption that no real harm was done to Peercoin.
But harm was done to the credibility and reliabilty of John.
I recommend to stay away from people who seem to have a strong but hidden agenda of their own.

I guess he sold all ppc and bot in nxt since the conference, pry the same move when he left ftc, but it’s true we dropped the ball for the trekcon .

I did bring it up on April 24th, but it probably would have been too late.

[size=12pt]I guess we assume that John Manglaviti was behind the switch to NXT ?[/size]


(If I am correct, he’s in the center)

It would have been cordial of him to let us know his intentions… oh well.

I don’t think this is true. See my last paragraph about his Facebook likes.

I don’t think this is true. See my last paragraph about his Facebook likes.[/quote]

Plus he did something recently for us that helped us out a lot, but I can’t really say what it is yet. I asked him to come here and let us all know what’s up. I’m not sure if he will, but from my conversation with him it seems many of us, including me are making false assumptions about what’s going on. Notice on the Trekcon website that they’re still listing us as the official crypto…

On reflection, I agree it would have been tactful of John M to notify us of this Trek switch, given that he batted on behalf of PPC previously. But Nxt Coin’s slogan of “Nxt Generation of Crypto” is very similar to Trek’s Next Generation (on which it was possibly based), so maybe JM just saw the opportunity and could not resist grabbing it

Another point is that JM might see PPC and Nxt (and Bitcoin and Litecoin, etc.) as merely different regiments in the same army (against fiat), so he might not distinguish between them in the way that we do. Support one and you support them all

All said and done, I just don’t want us to fall out with someone over something that, in the grand scheme of things, is not important, especially when we do not know the details