Slicify Mining Guide/Script

I wrote a set up script for XRamPool primecoin mining on a Slicify node. Compute power on Slicify is very cheap, but you have to setup the node from scratch every time :\ The script installs supervisord for worry free, reboot/crash proof mining. Feel free to improve the script if you’re so inclined.

  1. Sign up for a Slicify account at
  2. Add some funds and buy some time on a node.
  3. After your node has launched (usually about a minute) follow the commands below

ssh -l (replace with your sign up email address, enter booking password when prompted)
tsocks wget
chmod 755 slicify_primeminer_setup

The script will prompt you for the number of cores to build primeminer on, the number of cores to run primeminer on, your payout address, and the root password for your node.
The set up script should finish out in few minutes as long as your nodes internet connection is decent and Slicify’s SSH connection doesn’t flake out.
If the script is interrupted for any reason you should be able to just run it again. If you get an “error 4”, your node ran out of ram. You can try building on less cores or setup a swap.

Slicify’s ssh server is flakey. Don’t be surprised if you get a couple broken pipes on your node. You can close the terminal and reconnect to the node to re-establish a connection. DO NOT change the root password for your node! You won’t be able to reconnect to your node. Ask me how I know :slight_smile:

You will probably want to review how nodes are priced/allocated. That way when your 12 core i7 gets stolen out from under you won’t be quite so upset.

Address to the script for the curious:

My address in case you’re feeling generous: ASY5xqVUCztPCqV7UJMTU4RkVEDNRfWDXj

In my opinion, this is only profitable if you don’t value your time and the opportunity cost of it. I constantly get outbid or the server goes offline because it’s someone’s computer and they need to turn it off. It’s not like a vps where you set it up once and you can let the profit float in automatically. It’s would appear that it is high maintenance.

If your time is worth €9.43 per hour, i.e. minimum wage in France. Then it might not be worthwhile sitting around bidding and outbidding until it becomes the same price as digitalocean. Then again, I wouldn’t recommend mining on any VPS, I would just go to work for a few hours, and buy primecoins.

I have a few droplets open on digitalocean to contribute to the mining network. That’s the only reason I run it, not to make a profit…

If you book some nodes a few pages back you can usually stay on it for at least a few days for 1 cent per hour. Performance isn’t near as good the nodes everyone is fighting over, but I’m still getting over 2000 PPS for 4 cents an hour. That’s the best computing power per cent that I’m aware of. A few days ago I had a 3200 PPS i7 for 24 hours for 1 cent an hour. The nodes are definitely not as reliable as any decent VPS, but I think it’s a bit more fun to have to fight for the hardware :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve made a ton of updates to Slicify in the last two months:

  • New auction system - no more fighting over machines, you just put in your bid and get your machine
  • SSH fixes - we found & fixed an issue in a third-party lib that we were using, and this has drastically improved stability
  • Also just pushed out a new VM that includes the libboost library, which should speed up deployment of primecoin miners (rollout will be complete within 24 hours)
  • And added a full java primecoin mining manager on our github account here: with more info on our blog here:

Prices are still a bargain - most machines in the $0.01 - $0.03 per hour range.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the platform too.

Steve, Founder/CTO @ SLicify