Six degrees and all that...who knows someone on the Raspberry Pi team?

Embedded Peercoin (and Bitcoin, for the laggards), would be awesome.

The raspberry pie seems awesome for pos minting. I just ordered one, and will try to make a secure image inluding the latest client. I’ll try to add some sort of easy setup and user friendly backup/restore scripts. It’ll take some weeks though. Or is someone doing this already?

I’ve seen a couple of people talk about how they are setting theirs up, but so far, I haven’t seen any one post a guide for setup.

If you decided to write up a guide, I’ll be happy to test out your tutorial, once you’ve had a chance to publish it. I’ve got a RPi sitting here next to me that previously was used as my mining rig controller. I’d really like to figure out a way to set it up as a secured, dedicated Peercoin device, so anything you come up with will be a good starting point for people like me :slight_smile:

Yep my idea is to make it local-access only, without remote access at all. It should send emails to let the user know everything is still ok. I’ll make a seperate post once it’s finished :slight_smile:

That would be great. I figured out that my old PC is taking a lot of power just to keep the minting going 24/7. The Raspberry Pi seems to be ideal for this type of work, as long as we don’t have user friendly Peercoin webwallets which can mint securely in the cloud (see my thread under developments). A Raspberry Pi would still be a more trustworthy solution as no 3rd party needs to get involved.

If you don’t want to bother with the compilation process (which takes a few hours) on the Raspberry Pi:
I’ve compiled the ppcoind: and ppcoin-qt: binaries from source for the Raspberry Pi with Raspbian.
This is still the 0.3.0 realise.

Valermos yeah I saw your post, I’d be very happy to use your compiled version. If you plan on releasing 0.4.0 binaries once the new client is out, i’ll update the image with it.

A quick status update: Valermos’ 0.3.0 client works like a charm, I now need to finish the bash scripts and .desktop launchers :slight_smile: I expect the image will be ready in a week or so, I only have the occasional hour in the evening to tinker

I compiled the 0.4 version (for Raspbian) of ppcoind: and ppcoin-qt:

@Tea42: If you have any problems with the binaries please let me know.

Can someone point me to the source code for the rasp Pi as I would love to have a poke at dropping in Peercoin into the code as well for a prepackaged minting Pi

either in this thread or PM me please. precompiled binaries are ok from trusted outlets, but minting your PPC people should follow best practices and have open source code to compile from source.


I’m finishing an installation script for the raspberry pi that installs prerequisites, uses git to download the source and compiles both ppcoind and ppcoin-qt. It is meant for users without linux or command line knowledge. ppcoin-qt and ppcoind are working atm. I’m doing a final test tonight, and if everything works I’ll make a post for an automated peercoin 0.4 pi installation on a freshly downloaded raspbian image.

@Fuzzy: raspbian sources are here:

Wow. This sounds really terrific for the new Peercoin/RPi installation for a PPC tip initiative.

Thank You Much!