Simultanuous minting on multiple clients (on virtual machines)

I have been wrapping my head around this for some time now: does it make sense to mint simultanuously on multiple clients? Or is there a larger chance of minting a block when you run your wallet on multiple clients?
If so, you should be able to run a number of virtual machines, each running the peercoin client. I dont necessarily think this is a theat for peercoin, it will just let you profit though from cumulated interest. (you have your 1% annually quicker)
Of course coinage will be consumed if a block is minted on any of the clients.

nope, the moment when you will mint is predetermined(This will change in v0.5). That’s because the nonce in peercoin is simply an unix time whereas in bitcoin is a random number.

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so two virtual machines will find a stake at exactly the same time. They may broadcast it to different nodes, but this spreads lightning fast already…

Does this predetermined thing mean that I should write a program to display which day of the next year it would be worthwhile switching on for minting, so that I can switch it off for the remainder of the year?

Kdac made one already in go. I rewrote it in javascript/typescript:

install v0.3 on your pc untill ppc switches to v0.5 in April.

that has already been done by stakefinder and subsequently undone by v0.5 to avoid long range attack.