◥◣◥◣ [SIL] 611 (SixEleven) ◥◣ FREE ANONYMOUS DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM ◥◣◥◣


611 (SixEleven) is a crypto currency featuring an included free anonymous domain name system based on reliable Namecoin technology.

Published objects are accessible globally using the 611.to gobal domain name system. :smiley:

Using SIL, which is the currency unit of 611 (SixEleven), everyone can register name and/or id objects.

[ul][li]Simple & Ready-To-Use
Data associated with a name and/or id object can be published to any device connected to the Internet using standarized domain name resolve requests. That’s as simple as browsing a website.[/li]
[li]Stable & Secure
Once a name or id object is registered successfully, no-one can take it away from you without your consent. You can associate and publish data with it that everyone can be sure is originated from you but which can neither be forged nor censored by unauthorised attackers.
Ownership of a name and/or id is based on ownership of a coin, which is based on public key cryptography. The 611 (SixEleven) network reaches consensus about every five minutes as to which names have been reserved or updated.[/li][/ul]

[size=11pt]What’s new[/size]
611 (SixEleven) is directly integrated into the public Domain Name System (DNS) - the Internet’s Phone Book. Information stored within the 611 blockchain will therefore be accessible worldwide as subpart of the .611.to domain within minutes offering new possiblities for users and developers like

[ul][li]store and share data using the 611 blockchain cloud[/li]
[li]create your own apps[/li]
[li]create your own cloud services[/li]
[li]pay and transfer with SIL (611 coin) within minutes[/li][/ul]

611 (SixEleven) is available in source and binary download on Github:
There you can download the latest 611-Qt client for Windows and Mac OS X:

[ul][li]Windows 611-Qt (rc3)[/li]
[li]Mac OS X 611-Qt (rc3)[/li]
[li]Linux 611d (rc3) x64 binary[/li][/ul]

Or try out the latest 611(SixEleven) Docker container - ready to run on your operating system preferred.
You may check the release notes for usage examples, known bugs and privacy hints.

[size=11pt]Quick Start[/size]
Flo’s press 4u - Guide howto install 611-Qt - Howto register, setup and manage name objects


[size=11pt]Trade / Invest[/size]


[ul][li]C-CEX: SIL/BTC [[btc]][/li]
[li]C-CEX: SIL/ETH[/li]
[li]C-CEX: SIL/LTC[/li]
[li]C-CEX: SIL/DOGE[/li]
[li]C-CEX: SIL/USD[/li][/ul]


611 (SixEleven) works on the proven first come, first served principle.
It’s a rare coin [static const int64 MAX_MONEY = 611000 * COIN;] which means that the number of SIL coins is restricted to about 611 thousand. Fees and mining values are set appropriate to ensure a good balance of demand and supply.

Depending on your risk profile it’s probably worth into 611 (SixEleven). 8)
Early adopters benefit from the availability of short and easy to remember name and id objects.

Support 611 (SixEleven) [SIL coin] to get listed on Poloniex or your favorite exchange. Thank you!


611 (SixEleven) is a miner friendly crypto currency. The network fee is increased to 0.0611 SIL (611 coin) to make changes to the blockchain and DNS system more valueable and to prevent possible abuse scenarios. The network fee is rewarded to the miners for sharing the neccessary ressources for the public network.
611 (SixEleven) can be merge mined together with Bitcoin and other sha256 compatible altcoins (like i.e. Namecoin) to optimize your mining profit and revenue.
It’s recommended to merge mine 611 (SixEleven) together with Bitcoin using P2Pool.

Quick and easy start is to pool mine 611 [SIL] coin anonymously on http://poolmine.611.to/. Point your stratum miners to stratum+tcp://poolmine.611.to:3333 - use a valid 611 (SixEleven) SIL address as your username and as your password whatever you like. Thank you bazco for offering this awesome service!


[size=11pt]Block Explorer[/size]



[size=11pt]Expert Guide (611 console)[/size]
[size=10pt]-> register a 611.to domain name or object[/size]
You can register a .611.to domain for 0.1922 SIL (SixEleven coin) using the 611 (SixEleven) software 611d or 611-Qt. The fee consists of two parts:
a) the registration fee, and
b) the transaction fees for the name_new and the name_firstupdate transactions.
[td]command[/td][td]cost w. fees[sup]*[/sup][/td][td]summary[/td][td]note[/td]
[td]name_new[/td][td]0.1922[/td][td]pre-order a domain, fixed cost incl. free name_firstupdate[/td][td]you still do not own the domain![/td]
[td]name_firstupdate[/td][td]0[/td][td]finalize the registration after being mined into some blocks. your name becomes public, now.[/td]
[td]name_update[/td][td]0.0611[/td][td]domain is updated, transfered or renewed[/td][td]reset the expire time to the max![/td]
[sup]*[/sup] To prevent spam & abuse network fees may be higher depending on the size of your request.

[size=10pt]-> pre-order a domain name[/size]
<611-name> is your .611.to domain name without .611.to, in lowercase. For internationalized domain names, the IDNA ASCII standard applies. Unicode entries are not supported.
To check if the name is available, use the command line
[/td][/tr][/table]./611d name_show d/<611-name>
or 611-Qt -> help -> debug window -> console:

name_show d/<611-name>

If the name is available you can now pre-order the name with the following command:

name_new d/<611-name>

The output will look like this: “0e0e03510b0b0b7dbba6e301e519693f66162121b29f3cd3a6652c238360d0d0”, “9f212ff4a582fd65”

This will reserve a name but it’s still not visible yet (and you still don’t own the domain!). Make a note of the short hex number! You will need it for the next step. Wait at least 12 blocks, which is usually about an hour and then finalize your registration by issueing the following command:

name_firstupdate d/<611-name> <short hex number> '<json-value>'

Notes: Your json-value must be enclosed in quotes and escaped properly. Please do not shut down 611d or 611-Qt during the waiting time. If you lose the random number, you have to issue name_new again. In case of an error message you may try the instead of the .

[size=10pt]-> update and renew a domain name[/size]
Use the name_update command if you want to change the of your domain.

Furthermore, name_update command is used for the renewal of a registration:

name_update d/<name> '<json-value>'

This step is neccessary to prevent your <611-name> from expiring before the block countdown is heading towards zero! Each name_update resets the expire time to the maximum value, which is the block number below block #108000 and fixed to 108000 blocks after that time:

// Names registered with 611 should be valid at least 365 days. // Increase expiration to 108000 gradually starting at block 18000. // Use for validation purposes and pass the chain height. int GetExpirationDepth(int nHeight) { if (nHeight < 18000) return 18000; if (nHeight < 108000) return nHeight; return 108000; }

Note: Use can use name_update to transfer a name to someone else.

[size=11pt]Technical overview[/size]
Forked from Namecoin the Bitcoin protocol is augmented with 611 operations, to reserve, register and update names. In addition to DNS like entries, arbitrary name/value pairs are allowed and multiple namespaces will be available. This will include a personal handle namespace mapping handles to public keys and personal address data.

The protocol differences from bitcoin include:

[ul][li]different blockchain, port, IRC bootstrap, dnsseed and message header[/li]
[li]new transaction types: new, first-update, update[/li]
[li]validation on the new transaction types[/li]
[li]rpc calls for managing names[/li]
[li]increased network fees to slow down the initial rush and to prevent abuse[/li]
[li]doubled mining rate to make 611 operations more interactive[/li][/ul]

[size=11pt]Technical specification[/size]

[ul][li]algo sha256[/li][/ul]

0.611 coins per block; but with constant reduction: on average half the coin value every 2^18 blocks.

[code]+ // default block value

  • int64 nSubsidy = 0.611 * COIN;
  • // on average half the coin value every 2^18 or 262144 blocks
  • nSubsidy = nSubsidy >> (nHeight >> 18);
  • nSubsidy -= (nSubsidy >> 19) * (nHeight % 262144);[/code]
    [ul][li]re-target every 48 blocks[/li]
    [li]merged mined with Bitcoin[/li]


If you like this project, please donate:
[btc] 1FywKA8iQ75VHYXTREk8ZLX58ubiKsdxzW
[SIL] NAfs8Rz1yUj3WjtF3MdxHSi4Mwn7cr11Nr

[size=11pt]Terms of Service[/size]
Publishing 611 (SixEleven) blockchain information via DNS you agree that published entries are setup accurate and do not violate the tonic terms of service.

Thank you!