Should we get Moolah to accept PPC?

Moolah is helping merchants accept crypto by instantly converting crypto to fiat. In the past few days they have added Dogecoin and Vertcoin, bringing their total roster up to BTC/LTC/VTC/DOGE. There is no reason they shouldn’t be accepting PPC too.

Shall we email them and get them to accept PPC? The transaction fee will be low enough to enable people to use it on merchants for a long time to come.

I think we should probably do this first…

We’re going to have to space these swarms out also or else people are going to get burnt out and won’t respond to them. What do you think, two a week or only one? Also, check my post in that thread about the swarm list. I’m waiting on a reply from JBT.

Although I’m aware of the long-term approach of Peercoin, I agree that short-term it might help to get awareness for PPC having it available for payments.
And as long as the price of PPC stays low enough, the 0.01 PPC/kB for a transaction is cheap.
Once the price per PPC rises, PPC will transform to a store of value on its own!

I vote for sending them an email (although I don’t know them… trying to lean on Dogecoin’s expertise it maybe in this case time for talk–; action++)

I see a Volunpeer logo being projected in the sky! D’oh - we don’t have one! And finally Volunpeers are not Batman.
Let’s send them an email anyway!

Any other inputs? The owner said they would if we only show a little demand.

well i sent them an email.

We will need a full list of sites running peercoin clients as mandatory updates will be coming soon and we need to ensure everyone is aware and updates by a set date… so maybe start collecting lists if anyone has a spare moment.


Here is a reddit post bringing this opportunity back up!

It is working so far:

Keep up the pressure! Just drop a quick email, facebook post, or tweet.

Yuri, I posted about this on the Facebook page. Also, I’ll promote you on the page soon. I got kind of sidetracked, too many things going on.

Moolah just tweeted:

#peercoin is coming to tomorrow - and Moolah in the very near future!”

Thanks everyone for helping out!