ShapeShift's Lens Extension now available as Firefox Add-on

Shapeshift’s Lens Tool can now be downloaded as a Firefox add-on. You can use the lens to pay any Bitcoin address with an altcoin and ShapeShift Lens will instantly convert your altcoin and make the payment for you. Once you install the lens extension, you will see that a tiny ShapeShift fox icon appears next to Bitcoin addresses on webpages you visit.

Hi shapeshift guys,
i see that 1.00 PPC = 0.06779879 DRK
how is this possible? it is less than half of the current rates!

Sorry about the late reply - yes you are right, the exchange rate is not quite right. Unfortunately the PPC->DRK trading pair doesn’t have a whole lot of depth, thus the discrepancy. A few pairings suffer from this problem, but they all should be fine trading against BTC.

Can shapeshift execute a pair of trades atomically to allow any two currency to trade via btc ?

That is essentially what we do, but that doesn’t account for depth necessarily in all transactions. We are working on a backend solution to this problem, hopefully within the next number of weeks.

That was that I meant – executing (and reporting price) after checking there is enough liquidity for the user. This would require users to enter amount before they can get prices.

It still doesn’t fix the problem of low liquidity in the markets. If there is little depth, our options will be limited. We are working on a back-end solution, but it will take a bit of time. Thanks for your patience.

It’s good to know you are working on something on the back-end level. I was thinking that if price can be reported based on available liquidity of a pair of transaction that can be atomically executed, third parties could disover ways to make shapeshift add-ons, and make a better ecosystem.