Setting up The Peercoin Wallet - Question

I downloaded it and now it is downloading the blocks. no status bar or nothing… how long will this take? any way to spped it up.

also do i need to do that .conf file thing. Thats kinda tuff for beginners.

Please take a look at the New Members Board, there is lots of help there if you need it.

No, you do not need to do any conf file thing if you are just opening the wallet for regular use. (To send or receive coins)

When you first open the client, it takes time to find other peers on the network. Your connection / network status (bottom right corner of the wallet) will start off red, then change to yellow, and then finally green.

While it is yellow, it is still connected to the network and actively syncing the blockchain. Be patient while it does that, you should only have to do this once.

A newer version of the software (0.4) is already being developed and is coming soon. Date to be announced.