Sending Super3 to Las Vegas Bitcoin Conference


Although we did receive a complimentary pass to the Bitcoin Conference in Las Vegas, Super3 already purchased his ticket. Although he might not request donations, I’m doing it for him! :slight_smile: Here were the prices:

Could we each reach into our pockets and pull out a little PPC?


  1. JustaBitoftime: * Pledge * 5 PPC

PRzuna9StmBGnE3N2rnukGjgC2shGHJbEM (I’ll transfer any donations right to Super3)

Thanks! I’ll distribute these funds at the conference. Perhaps someone wants to help me prepare a bunch of paper wallets?

I’ll be sending you $10 worth of PPC super

I’ll send 5.00 PPC your way when I’m at my computer

Edit: Sent to directly to Super3 via PLgP7SWwoLN3eveFwpSfM5APc7ikYVdD6m

sent 2.504274 to PLgP7SWwoLN3eveFwpSfM5APc7ikYVdD6m as to save tx fee