Selling Various Anime/Video Game Merchandise

[UPDATE: 10/14/2013] Prices have been adjusted. Please let me know if you have any questions/offers! Thank you for looking!

I’m currently downsizing (well, more like rearranging to make room for some new stuff) and would like to post to see if anyone is interested in buying some Anime/Video Game Merchandise that I have with either PPC or XPM (As an FYI, I will be selling these items at other locations). If you see anything you like, please ask me about it. A lot of these items are also never opened and in original packaging. I’m willing to do escrow if you can find someone to set it up and am willing to split fees (dependent on what it is).

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

Here are a list of items and what I am planning on selling them for in PPC. I am willing to consider any counter-offers. Just let me know! I am also willing to give discounts for multiple items!

First Picture:

Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Volume 1*: 310 PPC
Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Volume 2*: 310 PPC
Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Volume 3*: 310 PPC
Ten Years of Final Fantasy XI: A Decade of Vana’Diel*: 275 PPC
Dark Souls Art and Designs Artbook*: 300 PPC
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Postcard Book*: 130 PPC
Final Fantasy Ultimate Collection Postcard Book*: 135 PPC
Clamp no Kiseki Volume 6 (with Collectible Chess Pieces): 78 PPC
Evangelion Revoltech Positron Rifle & Shield Set
: 90 PPC
Diaries of a Wimpy Kid Figurine*: 25 PPC
Dragonball Z Keychain (Trunks): 35 PPC
[s]Video Games Live Tour CD (2009 World Tour) Autographed
:200 PPC[/s] SOLD

Second Picture:

Eden of the East-Complete Anime Series*: 240 PPC
Eden of the East-The King of Eden*: 160 PPC
Eden of the East-Paradise Lost*: 160 PPC
Baka and Test Season 1*: 245 PPC
RahXephon Volume 1: 25 PPC
Para Para Max 2: 20 PPC
Para Para Max 3*: 40 PPC
Hatsune Miku-Vocologenesis*: 165 PPC
Summer Wars Collectible Hanafuda Cards*: 120 PPC
Pokemon SoulSilver Lugia Figurine*: 25 PPC
Chiwa Amano 1/8 PVC Figurine*: 360 PPC
Dragon Quest Miniature Slime Plushie*: 35 PPC
Dragon Quest Ultimate Monster Encyclopedia: 210 PPC
Final Fantasy XIII Postcard Book*: 140 PPC
Final Fantasy Dissidia Postcard Book*: 130 PPC
Kingdom Hearts Postcard Book*: 135 PPC

Third Picture:

PSP*: 400 PPC
[Not pictured] FATE/Stay for PSP*: 110 PPC
Atellier Rorona Collecter’s Edition: 125 PPC

Once again, thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions/offers!

Might take some of this stuff from your hands in the near future…

You know what, you really have a good collections here, some of that are rare enough and some of it might be in an auctions. Do you have posters of that?