Selling 6 Antminer U1 @ 1,088V 2,8 Ghash/s

Hi Guys,

I´m selling 7 Antminer U1 overvolted to 1,088V. The resistors were soldered by MansenP (bitcointalk).

U1 1,088V stable @ 2,8 Ghash (7 peaces, each 0.08BTC or equivavelent in PPC)

Alternative SEPA 40/45€

I clued addititional coolers so they run below 40 °C when a fan blows fresh air. I also clued little coolers on the IC to get a longer lifetime. FYI I ran the miners together with 2,2Ghash because I was not able to get them at higher rates togther. Must be because I´m a mining noob. Single those stick got the above frequency with cgminer and with bfgminer without problems.

Escrow ofcourse possible. We share the fees.

Why do I want to sell? I had planned to mine wih them for 2 or 3 more month and then sell them @ebay. But now I have exams ahead and want to get my mind free. I will sell them at ebay on sunday. When no one grabs this offer.

I also have a complete package offer:

Please see my trustrating over at bitcointalk. I am also a long time member here.

All prices + shipping


Edit: located in Germany and instantly ready for shipping

Edit2: Sold some ants and the hub over at bitcointalk. 7 Ants left. 5% discount for everyone who is going to mine PPC with it.


You got a pic of them??


no Problem. For you I send first
5 are already sold and will be shipped tomorrow.

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1 more sold, six left

2 more sold, 4 left.

When you take all 4 shipping in Germany is free. Outside Germany shipping minus 6,99€