SegWit and technologies built on it are grossly oversold

A while ago I read an article a by former military secret service guy who presented the thesis that the whole blocksize debate was fuelled by a secret Psyop or some other secret service campaign to harm Bitcoin. The article also went into detail how that works with Fake accounts on Reddit etc.
I had it in my bookmarks, but I lost them, when I reinstalled Windows.
Does anybody have a link to that article? I think it was on Medium.

@Peerchemist: My impression is that Bitcoin Unlimited, which in fact is “dumb scaling”, is grossly oversold.

this probably isn’t that article: because it is too recent, but it touched the same topic

are flexible transactions really the answer?

Flex transactions solves the same bug segwit solves (txn malleability).
And it makes future protocol upgrades through softforking easier (something segwit does not do)

About the block size debate. The reason not to increase bitcoin’s blocksize is that it would incentivize orphaning previous blocks to cash more txn fees. Which is a valid concern for bitcoin.
But for peercoin where the transaction fees are burned there is no incentive to steal from confirmed blocks, meaning that this debate is irrelevant for us!

Long term yes.
It is much needed rethinking of transaction format which allows numerous adaptations in the future without need of rethinking it again.

Bitcoin internal politics are not relevant to our cause.

We will have to pick soon which road to take, so it is time to start discussing. Posting this is needed to get a full picture.

Yeah it’s not that article, but it sums it up pretty well. There seems to be a high level of coordination among the key BU-supports and one has to wonder why. Most public BU-supports are supporting it, because they think it’s in the best interest for Bitcoin, but there could be some elements/financiers in the background who want to destroy Bitcoin.

Their main pool remains “neutral”, the other pools they finance/provide hashpower to mine BU. (ViaBTC, GBMiners,…).

from that article, they can switch from neutral to BU whenever they have enough %, so it is just hidden now

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