Seeking for peer4commit project manager


I started to code one of my ideas and it looks like it may have sense, it worth a try. The problem is simple as @#!$- I’m currently down on my PPC investment and I can’t risk more time and funds in it/related projects w/o seeing $ behind my back.

Project goals:

  • increase Peercoin adoption
  • bring more liquidity to the market
  • earn $

Manager requirements:

  • trustworthy - full funds control
  • discrete - I don’t want idea/code leak/trade during closed alpha tests and later with partially closed(till some point) parts
  • cool with reading exotic English :smiley:
  • 0.5-1 hour per week to spend
  • technical knowledge not required but nice to have to review some points w/o third party
  • not expensive :slight_smile: I think that project manager can pay himself using peer4commit, right?

If you are, or you know, a matching person - please PM me or post here.


I am interested.
What is it about, concretely?

crypto_coiner (Tokyo, Japan)

[quote=“crypto_coiner, post:2, topic:2546”]I am interested.
What is it about, concretely?

crypto_coiner (Tokyo, Japan)[/quote]

Concretely - payments.
Location doesn’t play a role, timezone also - nothing asap.
You are new here so there would be need for funds in escrow covering all pledges.

Bump and few things

2 3 (soft) propositions already

PM-dev contract/agreement procedure:

  • post and cross-quote signing keys in this thread
  • refine rights and responsibilities for both parties
  • define contract breaking conditions
  • sign contract and put its hash w/ signatures in Peercoin network
  • joy co-op

Optionally escrows as our signatures backing.

Contact: BitMessage and/or Pidgin-OTR.


PM found. We’ll prepare an agreement and some kind of announcement by the end of this week I think. I’m starting work tomorrow.

I would like to thank everyone who contacted.