(script draft) Peercoin Primer #2: Security

I think it’s fine to reference video #3 before it comes out. It won’t be long until it is available, after which point it will be a smooth integration. In the meantime, it builds hype. :slight_smile:

Looks great. A few small suggestions, below, as follows. If these look good to you, hit “like” on this post, and we’ll move to recording. Thanks!

Simplify some wordiness:

Fix a verb tense:

Smooth out the phrasing:

Soften the claim and fix a verb tense:

Strengthen the wording:

Smooth a phrase:


Looks good. :+1:

Sorry to raise a new point but, reading the script afresh, do we need the above sentence? If we acknowledge this means of attack, I think we need a stronger sentence to rebut it.

EDIT: to put this in context, if someone was explaining bitcoin’s security protocol, would they add that an attacker could successfully attack by owning most bitcoins? Probably not - can we not restrict ourselves to explaining PPC’s security within the system itself?

I would like to keep the sentence since this is a major point with Peercoin’s security. It’s meant to be seen as more difficult to achieve than a PoW attack. Other PoS descriptions mention it as well. I have slightly edited the quote below to mention the overwhelming cost to make it seem more impossible.

I’ve talked to Peerchemist about this. He’s reviewed the criticism and thinks it’s ok for @Chronos to move forward with recording using my revised paragraph above.

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I like the amended para, adds the necessary teeth.

The correct comparison would be that a bitcoin miner could attack the network by either producing asics or buying them from others (owning bitcoins is not the way to subvert PoW, as it is with PoS). I definitely think someone discussing PoW security would address the methods by which someone could gain a large hash power.

Good discussion. Do you like these additional minor changes? Moving the verb into the hypothetical, and removing a redundant phrase.

Yes, that sounds fine.

This video is launched!