[Sale] Diablo 3 Account - 30% goes to Peercoin Charity

Hello there,
I’m selling my Diablo III - Account. It contains the original Diablo 3 for PC and several characters ( more info on request).
30% of the Peercoins I’ll get from the sale of the game will go to this charity.

I’ll do this like an auction, till the 20. December you’re able to bid on the game.
How to bid? Well, just post your bid in this thread, if you want to outbit the user who posted before you, just bid some more Peercoins than him (well, that’s how auctions work, right? :slight_smile: ).

Lets start with:

5 Peercoins


Of course you’re able to download the game by using the account.


Is it still for sale?