Restore back up .dat folder

I have downloaded peercoin wallet. i have no idea how to import my old .dat file into the new peer coin wallet. please help

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You should be able to copy and paste. What operating system are you running?


i am on pc with windows 10… copy and paste to where though? do you have a step by step guide.

There’s a Peercoin folder in %appdata%. You just copy it to there. So steps would be:

  1. Open file explorer
  2. Type %appdata% into the navigator
  3. Double click on the Peercoin folder
  4. Rename the wallet.dat file in there to wallet_backup.dat
  5. Copy and paste your other wallet.dat into folder (make sure it is still named wallet.dat)
  6. When youre sure everything is working and that wallet_backup is empty, delete wallet_backup.dat
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Thank you i really appreciate your help

My pleasure, hope you get it sorted out.