Rescan your computer for virus and spyware!

I’m using Avast paid version (Internet securit and antivirus) but it didn’t detect this worm even though I conduct a full scan everyday. I tried sophos rootkit detection tool and I was surprised it had found a worm. I thought I was fully protected by Avast but I wasn’t. In these times of rising wallet theft, we should be ultra paranoid. Keep safe guys!

Virus analysis:

Sophos rootkit detection:

I’m just going to reformat my computer before I secure my coins on paper wallets. It needs to be done anyway.

Do you think reformating the pc is enough for the secure of a paperwallet? ->Bios-keylogger?

How would I check that?

Just wanted to make someone super-paranoid… :wink:

But it is possible. The best way would be: Mainboard->press jumper->Bios Cmos or remove the backup battery.

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How could I do that. Is there any tutorial for PPC paper wallet? I am looking for that so that I could introduce to the Chinese PPCers. 10 days ago only 80 QQ group members, now we have 250.

I kind of wish there was some kind of 2 factor auth built into the client/wallet somehow.