[REQ] Peercoin has been invited to speak at the London Bitcoin Conference Nov30

[ANN] Peercoin has been invited to speak at the London Bitcoin Conference Nov30

  1. Who would be interested in presenting? We could easily modify the presentation we’re delivering in Amsterdam Nov 6th to keep it fresh.

  2. Who would be interested in attending, helping to spread the word and meet with businesses?

Let’s get on this immediately!

While the arms race of btc race gradually shifts to energy utilization, PPC shall reveal its long-term strategy.

can’t believe no peercoiner in UK, we might need to raise some fund for speakers on events

According to this thread, FuzzyBear, nox- and Scott J all live in the UK.

Do we have material for presenting even if we do find someone to speak?

We have a more immediate conference on November 8th and they’re preparing for that one right now on the private activist board. Hopefully we can use much of the same presentation for the different events, about 6 before the end of the year. I saw in another thread you signed up to be a volunteer. Once they clear you, you could help out with the presentation if you wanted to.

i am no good presenter, but i would have the possibility to be in london for the conference and spread the word. is it possible to get free entrance trough this forum?

honestly, i never hab a better mark than “passed but nearly failed” on my presentations, otherwise i would do the job :slight_smile:

Interested to see the presentation and if I can help out I will.

Fantastic, any boots on the ground there would be extremely beneficial. The organizer has made contact with me recently, we need to find a speaker for this event ASAP.