REPLICA: The Brand New is Now Live!


New Year, New Website!

The brand new is now live!

I know many of you have been asking for this from the Peercoin Team for a while, so we hope you like it.

We wanted to deliver a quality product and a simple website would not suffice. We have prepared our new documentation website as well as Peercoin University, both of which are still in the editing phase but are far enough along to officially launch. Both resources are heavily integrated into the new website and provide a place to learn about Peercoin.

  • is our new documentation site and will provide important links and information as well as technical guides to get new users and developers started. Please let us know if you would like to help with writing content.

  • is an educational article that I personally wrote which takes newcomers through a number of introductory and advanced topics. It starts with explaining what blockchains are and their core benefits. Then it moves on to blockchain security. A number of topics are covered about Bitcoin and Peercoin, including proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, economics, scalability, etc… This will act as our main resource to point newcomers to for learning and understanding Peercoin.

The Peercoin website itself will act as a new foundation that we will continue to build on and expand as time goes on. Also, we have moved the DNS from Digital Ocean to CloudFlare, so please report if you have any loading or display issues. Bug reporting can be posted to this thread.

If you like the new website, don’t forget to donate to the Peercoin Foundation.


Sorry about the replica here. I posted our announcement to Reddit and it was accidentally deleted because I didn’t use no participation links. Now I can’t repost the announcement link because it says the link has already been posted in the last 30 days. I created this replica only so I can post the new link on Reddit. The original announcement post is here…

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