[Reminder] Last minute to help define Fazon project, topic closes in 24h

Main Fazon Discussion Thread: http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=3201.0

If you did not see it yet, Fazon project is something that will boost the development of Peercoin’s ecosystem.

We had several pages of discussion, but I’ll sum it up here as a TL;DR.

This is about mapping our ecosystem and having dedicated fund that will be independent so it can actively look for developers.

Fazon fund could aide this projects when they need something external. Like Peerunity's bounty to include that on-screen keyboard in program. As we have seen, this bounties take time to complete and have small outreach. So, individual projects can submit request to Fazon explaining what they need and then Fazon takes care of it by finding developer. This can be done fairly quick by being present on various sites dedicated for freelance developers and having fund that is not locked with PPC.

Another example of this is when Peerbox needed grsecurity patch fixed for raspberry pi kernel, bounty was advertised on our forum and on reddit (/r/jobs4crypto). And no one answered for few days. As soon as I decided to post it on /r/jobs4bitcoins we got developer in maybe 1h and 20min. Conclusion is that freelance developers monitor jobs4bitcoins and ignore other crypto currencies.
Another problem is that developer who took the job refused payment in PPC, so me and irritant had to pull PPC from Peerbox fund on peer4commit and exchange PPC to BTC and then pay developer.

With Fazon, this would be easier. Project would submit this request to Fazon, and project itself would not be involved with this shenanigans.

This is proposed charter:

The purpose of Fazon project is to speed up the development of the Peercoin ecosystem. Everyone in the Peercoin community, also those without a technical background, should be able to participate in developing the ecosystem. Funding should be available to finance key projects important to the future of the ecosystem, that could otherwise have difficulties raising capital.

This is achieved by:

Mapping the current ecosystem and a way forward.
Adding new technologies and projects to the map, by filling out templates.
Creating visualizations, that provide a clear overview of the ecosystem.
Providing the means for developers to find interesting work and investors to find opportunities.
Active moderation of the map, by a dedicated team.
Managing the Fazon Development Fund, which is dedicated to fund developers working on behalf of the community, on projects that do not  fit the peer4commit model.
Actively reach out to developers outside of the Peercoin community, to speed up development.

Fazon Development Fund

Funds may be used to finance projects, external to the Peercoin community.
Fund managers are authorized to exchange the collected funds to other currencies.</blockquote>

The map will look like classic mind-map,

This is proposed roadmap:

* Thu 07.08.2014 - 22:00 GMT this topic closes
  • This give few more days to people read on it and comment if they have something to say.
  • Fri 08.08.2014 - 00:00 GMT new topic is created, Fazon stage 1.

Initial post contains the Charted, the template for submissions and roadmap.

//I would say that voting is needed to elect admin for this stage, but seeing how few people responded to this it is best that myself and pillow take this round on us.

  • 20 days later we have 80% of ecosystem mapped.

  • Phase 2; locate “essential projects” to invest now.

Make drama about it, make people in community to listen. Raise the prototype fund, dedicated to solve this “essential projects”.
This would be libraries probably.
Elect team that will handle it, and let them roam the land looking for developers.

If prototype is successfully, we should have libraries done in short time.

Upon that, people would see that this is exceptionally useful and then we (the wider community) can have a debate on how to manage the Fazon fund in future and elect the people to manage it.

If the prototype fails, we’ll fix it and try again.

This seems to me like a good plan.

One concern I have is that backend libraries must be written very well, and there are a lot of mediocre coders in the world. We will need to make code quality a priority.

Sounds good, slow gradual start with trial and error built-in :wink:

Share Chronos’ concern, future development funds might have to invest heavily in testing and reviews

I’m sharing this on social media. Here is Reddit…